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Data Upload Checklist

PDF downloadable version:


Before you begin your data upload to Sage, make sure the following things have been done:

  • You have passed the certification quiz (required to upload data).
  • The appropriate governance documents have been signed.
  • You have submitted a study description.
  • You have submitted a methods description for each assay type.
  • You have submitted an acknowledgement statement (for AD Portal uploads only).
  • You have one individual metadata file, one biospecimen file and one manifest.
  • You have a metadata file for each type of assay data (ex: one for RNAseq, one for ChIPseq).
  • All of your individuals are represented by a row in the individual metadata file.
  • All of your biospecimens are represented by a row in the biospecimen file.
  • The columns in your metadata files that use controlled values have the correct values.
  • Your controlled values exactly match the values in our metadata dictionary.
  • No columns have been deleted, even if they are empty (no values).
  • Cells that have no values are blank and do not contain NA or NULL.
  • Your metadata files are listed in the manifest.
  • Your data files are listed in the manifest.
  • Your individual, biospecimen, and assay files are saved as a .csv file.
  • Your manifest file is saved as a tab-delimited .txt file.
  • Your metadata files and manifest were validated together in the validator.
  • You have installed either the Python clientsynapseutils or R clientsynapserutils to upload files with syncToSynapse .

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