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Become a Certified Synapse User

Submission process step two become synapse certified

Once you have completed the initial data intake form, your next step is to register an account with Synapse and become a certified Synapse user. Upon reviewing your intake submission, we may contact you to set up a meeting if we require additional information to address unique conditions related to your submission.

Step 2: Obtain necessary certifications and permissions

  1. Register for a Synapse account and then certify your account. This is required to upload data and therefore must be done by the data uploader.

  2. It is recommended to have a signed Data Use Certificate (DUC) in place to be able to use the AD Portal data resources, and download previously contributed files that may be relevant to the data contribution process

Step 3: Set up AD DCC meeting (optional)

Once your Service Desk ticket is submitted and triaged, the AD DCC may schedule a meeting with your team to review your intake form for completeness, discuss any missing information or unique conditions that apply to your data contribution, and review the data contribution process as needed. This meeting will be attended by the AD DCC Governance team, Data Curation team, and Project Manager.

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