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MODEL-AD Resources

You can use this page as a one-stop shop for MODEL-AD-related resources.

Simply click on any of the headings below to be redirected.

MODEL-AD experimental models

Easily access a pre-filtered query of all MODEL-AL experimental models in the AD Knowledge Portal.

By default, the list includes all models from the MODEL-AD program and from the AMP-AD program. If you wish to remove the AMP-AD models, expand the Program filter under the Filter By tools at the left, and select MODEL-AD (which will automatically de-select AMP-AD).

STOP-AD portal

STOP-AD, or Screening the Optimal Pharmaceutical for Alzheimer’s Disease, is a program that offers preclinical screening of compounds through the MODEL-AD Preclinical Testing Core.

MODEL-AD Explorer

This app shares summaries of phenotypic data for available mouse models.

MODEL-AD publications

View all MODEL-AD publications.

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