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Bulk upload from synapse command line client

Instructions for using the Synapse command line client for bulk upload with a manifest:

  1. Install synapseclient. Detailed instructions are here but in most cases, you should be able to install by running the following in a terminal:

    pip install synapseclient
  2. Log in via a Synapse Personal Authentication Token (PAT), which can be generated following the instructions here.

    synapse login -p <your-PAT-here>
  3. Check that your upload manifest file contains valid file paths and parent folder ids:

    synapse sync --dryRun <local-path-to-your-manifest.tsv>
  4. If the dry run succeeds, you can remove the “dryRun” flag to begin the upload:

    synapse sync <local-path-to-your-manifest.tsv>

First pass troubleshooting:

  • For large data/faster upload, always use python or command line client (automatic multi-threading) rather than synapser (R does not allow multi-threading out of the box)

  • If the upload times out halfway through, use a Synapse PAT rather than a username/password to log in – the PAT stays logged in for at least 24 hours.

  • Update to the latest version of the client – currently 2.7.0

    • check version on command line: synapse --v

    • update: pip install --upgrade synapseclient

  • Clear out the Synapse cache

    • Look for .synapseCache/ directory (usually in the user’s home directory)

    • run rm -r .synapseCache/* to remove all cached files

  • If you run into this error: “OSError: The path  is not a file or does not exist“, please go to the end of your file and delete any additional whitespace.

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