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Biological Domain Classification Data and Methods

This page provides information about the data and methods used to generate the AD Biological Domain Classifications presented in Agora.

The Biological Domain Classifications for a specific gene can be viewed on the Summary tab of that gene’s page in Agora. You can navigate to a gene’s page using search, from the Nominated Targets list, or from the Gene Comparison Tool.

If you have questions, suggestions, or feedback about Agora, please let us know here.

Data and Methods

Nineteen AD-relevant Biological Domains were selected by integrating information drawn from published genetic and genomic studies, AD hypothesis papers, CADRO, and GO term enrichment analysis.

Each selected Biological Domain was then implemented by mapping it to an exhaustive set of GO terms. This mapping process used an iterative approach to identify, aggregate, and trim the set of GO terms associated with each Biological Domain to produce a core definition for that domain.

Finally, the set of genes annotated with each of the mapped GO terms were queried from Ensembl BioMart using BiomaRt to produce the Biological Domain-GO term-gene mappings.

A complete description of the data and methodology used to select, implement, and map genes to the AD Biological Domains is publicly available here; the processed Biological Domain mappings are available here.

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