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Associations With Cognition and Neuropathology Data and Methods

This page provides information about the data and methods used to generate the Associations With Cognition and Neuropathology evidence presented in Agora.

The Associations With Cognition and Neuropathology evidence for a specific gene can be viewed on the Evidence/RNA tab of that gene’s page in Agora. You can navigate to a gene’s page using search, from the Nominated Targets list, or from the Gene Comparison Tool.

If you have questions, suggestions, or feedback about Agora, please let us know here.

Data and Methods

Samples from the ROSMAP study were used for this analysis. RNA-seq levels from the DLPFC were regressed using an ordinal logistic regression model against three measures of AD pathology or cognitive phenotypes:

  • BRAAK—Distribution and severity of neurofibrillary tangles

  • CERAD—Neuritic plaque density

  • COGDX—Final consensus cognitive diagnosis

The resulting plot shows the odds ratio and 95% confidence interval of the estimate.

Positive associations are represented by an odds ratio > 1 and negative associations by an odds ratio < 1.

Statistical significance of the estimate can be seen by hovering over the dots.

More information about the analysis can be found here.

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